How To Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Dated: 08/27/2018

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  Recently, I have been trying to find ways to make my house smell better without having a ton of plug-ins or candles all over the house.  If this is your first time here—Hi, I’m Jess and I have a German Shepherd named Abbie.  She sheds.  A LOT.  I always have this tiny—okay, not so tiny—fear that my house is going to smell like a dog.

  So, I’ve been searching for ways to make my house smell good without overpowering it with artificial scents and I have finally found one that I plan to use EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

  Since I have a dog that sheds, I feel like I am vacuuming constantly.  Problem—it’s like the dog smell lives in my vacuum cleaner and every time I fire it up…wooftah. A girl can only soak and clean the filter so many times before feeling like it’s all she does.

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  I decided to turn to my essential oil loving sister (shout out to Carol, if you’re reading this).  She is always diffusing oils in her house and it smells so good. So I thought to myself, “I wonder if I could turn my vacuum cleaner into a diffuser of sorts.  Why not give it a shot, right?  So I asked if I could have a couple oils to try.  We decided on lemon and purification (Sort of a citrus and herb scent).  Purification also helps to neutralize odors.  You could definitely mix this up if you have your own favorites, but those two sounded like good, clean scents to me.

  I took the two oils home and dragged my tired vacuum cleaner out of the closet for the 3rd time that week and dropped several drops of each oil onto the filter of the vacuum and then vacuumed like normal.  IT WORKED! I was basically diffusing my house as I was vacuuming.  It smelled great and the scent lingered for hours afterwards.  Simple!  I have found that I only have to add oil every couple of weeks.

    If you want to give this a try, you can find these oils on Amazon or the Young Living website.   It’s possible you know someone who uses or sells essential oils, as well.  They would also be a great resource if you wanted to try a couple scents out before committing to a purchase.

    If you’re like me and have a hairy, stinky dog and a colossal fear that your house smells like said dog (or cat), this is definitely something you should try.  Maybe you don’t have any pets, but you have potential buyers looking at your house this week.  Either way, this is a great way to make your home smell fresh and delightful!

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